Intellectual Property Litigation

The firm has extensive litigation and trial experience before Federal Courts around the country in intellectual property matters. We routinely represent parties in patent infringement litigation, most often on behalf of the patent owner. We have litigated matters successfully at all levels before the Federal Courts, as well as the Patent and Trademark Trial and Appeal Boards.

We have helped patent and copyright owners secure substantial jury verdicts of infringement as well as successfully defend against claims of infringement. Our track record at trial is impressive. In addtion, we have argued numerous appeals to the Federal Courts of Appeal with substantial success.

Copyright Litigation

The Whitaker Law Group has developed a reputation as one of the nation's leading copyright litigation firms. Our attorneys are some of the most experienced lawyers in the country both asserting your copyright rights against infringers, as well as defending the wrongly-accused.

John Whitaker is the author of a popular blog site with frequent and substantive posts regarding many copyright litigation issues. Visit the Copyright Infringement Advisor to learn more about the firm's copyright litigation experience.

Patent Drafting and Prosecution

The Whitaker Law Group helps its clients secure numerous patents in the United States and around the world. We offer the full compliment of patent services, including:
  • Drafting and prosecuting patent applications
  • Patentability searching & opinions
  • Patent infringement evaluations
  • Patent validity and enforceability evaluations
  • Ex-parte and Inter partes reexamination proceedings
  • Post-grant and Covered Business Method reviews
Our attorneys have both extensive legal experience as well as significant industy experience in technology fields, especially in the computing, communications, and software fields.

Copyright and Trademark Registrations

Protecting your company's goodwill or your own creative expressions should be an important priority. We frequently assist our clients to register their federal trademarks and copyrights. The substantial benefits and advantages to federal registration dramatically outweigh the nominal fees we charge for such registrations. Call us to discuss a plan for protecting your brand or artistry.

Post-Issue Patent Procedures

Patent post-issue proceedings before the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office are an increasingly important component of both offensive and defensive patent strategy, especially today. There are now countless procedures for seeking a second look of an issued patent. Whether you are a patent owner defending against a Post-Grant review, or are investigating review of anothers’ patent rights, we can help you understand the risks and benefits of the numerous post-issue proceedings. Our attorneys have extensive experience with the procedures of the U.S. Patent Office, and that experience guides our hand in all of our post-issue proceedings. In addition, our substantial patent litigation experience helps us to avoid the damage that can frequently occur without it during post-issue proceedings.

The Whitaker Law Group has extensive experience in every aspect of intellectual property protection. See below for details of the many high quality services we provide our clients.

Contingent Fee Patent Attorney

We can handle your patent litigation
We can handle your patent infringement case

Contingent Fee Copyright Attorney

We can handle your copyright litigation
We can handle your copyright infringement case


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