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Contingent Fee Representation

The Whitaker Law Group understands that most smaller clients simply cannot afford the legal bills that would otherwise be necessary to see a complex lawsuit all the way through to a jury verdict or even beyond. Because of the inherent imbalance of power in disputes between small entities and large entities, we frequently represent clients on a contingent fee basis. This allows our clients to mount a much more substantial offensive case without fear that the infringer will simply out-spend them. We find that the contingent fee relationship allows us to align our interests with those of the client to provide goal-driven representation which is more efficient and effective.

Flat Fee Billing

More and more clients demand predictability in the amount they pay their lawyers. We at the Whitaker Law Group have decades of experience performing certain services, such as procuring intellectual property rights before the Patent and Trademark Office. based on that experience, we are frequently able to offer clients a flat fee for performing certain services. For example, we routinely perform patent and trademark prosecution services for a flat fee per task, which provides our clients with the predictablity they seek. You won't get sticker shock when you hire us and receive your first bill.

Unbundled Legal Services

WLG can also work with cost-conscious clients to provide Unbundled Legal Services, sometimes called “pro se legal services.” For those clients who feel comfortable handling some or much of their own legal affairs, but who need assistance with the more complex tasks, unbundled legal services might be for you. Pay only for the particular service or task that you need, without committing to full-service representation. Pay only for the services you want, not what your lawyer wants. This program allows clients to pay for legal services almost à la carte. Unbundled legal services keeps you in complete control of how much you spend.

Litigation Financing Assistance

Federal litigation is expensive. Very often the most significant hurdle to enforcing your rights against a huge, well-funded corporation is the almost crippling costs of bringing suit. The Whitaker Law Group frequently offers alternative fee structures and other options for providing assitance to its clients who are facing expensive, protracted litigation.
If you are concerned that you do not have sufficient resources to finance a legal dispute, or if you would simply prefer to preserve your own resources, speak with us about an alternative litigation financing arangement. For the right case, we may be able to secure nonrecourse funding for you to see justice done. The Whitaker Law Group enjoys nothing more than a good "David and Goliath" story.

Federal litigation is very expensive, and sometimes the expense prevents clients from vindicating their rights. That is why the Whitaker Law Group has implemented some innovative ways to help its clients pursue cases without fear that it will exhaust their resources. Read below about some of these ways.


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